Peter White Student File

Student file of Peter White, a member of the Mohawk Nation, who entered the school on October 28, 1914 and departed on April 20, 1915. The file contains student information cards, correspondence, medical/physical records, and an application for enrollment.

Note: At the time of scanning at the U.S. National Archives, several documents in this student file seemed to relate to a different student, also named Peter White. Those documents have now been included with the file for the correct Peter White: NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 110_folder 4596.

Note: Some of Peter White's documents were originally found in folders of two other students, also named Peter White; NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 100_folder 4360 and NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 110_folder 4596.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Series 1327, box 133, folder 5222
Peter White Student File