Joseph White Student File

Student file of Joseph White, a member of the Mohawk Nation, who entered the school on October 30, 1906 and ultimately departed on May 29, 1917. The student did not attend the school continuously, but left and reentered. The file includes student information cards, outing evaluations, an application for enrollment, letters/correspondence, financial transactions, a conduct card, an outing record, a former student response postcard, and certificates of promotion.

Note: At the time of scanning at the U. S. National Archives, a letter in this student file seemed to relate to a student named John White. That document has now been included with the John White file: NARA_RG 75_Series 1327_box 130_folder 5132.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Series 1327, box 153, folder 6016
Joseph White Student File