Jesse Kenjockety Student File

Student file of Jesse Kenjockety, a member of the Cayuga Nation, who entered the school on September 16, 1892, and ultimately departed on March 29, 1909. The student did not attend the school continuously, but left and reentered. The file contains multiple student information cards, an application for admission, a progress report card, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and a report after leaving.

In school documentation Jesse Kenjockety's name is also spelled Jessie Kenjockety and Jessie Kinjockety.


Comments on Original Documents

There are several discrepancies in this file related to age, nationality, and dates of attendance, which made it appear as though there may actually have been two separate students named Jesse Kenjockety. A user has provided the following explanation for these discrepancies indicating that this file does in fact belong to a single student:

"Jesse Kenjockety Jr's file is not two separate persons. When he is listed as Seneca, it is simply a mistake. His father, Jesse Kenjockety Sr. was Seneca/Wolf clan. His Aunt Elizabeth Pierce was his guardian and SHE was Cayuga (his mother's sister). Jesse Jr's mother Elizabeth was also Cayuga which would make Jesse Jr Cayuga. Later on his guardian is his other aunt, Amelia Swanson, who is ALSO Cayuga and sister to his mother Elizabeth. His nephew George Swanson is the son of Amelia Swanson."

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Series 1327, box 5, folder 216
Jesse Kenjockety Student File