Yearbook of the Carlisle Indian School for 1918

Carlisle, PA

The yearbook of the Carlisle Indian School for 1918 begins with a one page brief history of the school along with the announcement that the school had closed so that the Carlisle Barracks could be put to use by the War Department. The yearbook features photographs of the graduating members of the class of 1918 and a day by day calendar of activities of the past academic year. Sadie Metoxen presented the Salutatory, and Harry Kohpay, Jr. presented the Valedictory. An essay by Mary Largen titled "The Spirit of Giving," which she composed for the Susan Longstreth Literary Society earlier in the year, is shared. Photographs of school clubs and activities are featured throughout, and the final page includes two songs and a poem by Frank Verigan.

Time Period
Graduation Year