The School News (Vol. 3, No. 6)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
November 1882
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Page one opens with a letter from Hattie Mary to Miss Hyde, asking if she is lame again and if that is the reason she hasn’t been writing back. A letter from Minnie Atkins (Creek) also detailed the trip to California, which continued onto page four. She talked about staying at the Lincoln Institute. Page two had an editorial by Charles Kihega (Iowa) about how Indian presence disappeared from the land as they moved west, as they did not build things to last. There was also a piece from Samuel D. Bausley (Pottawatomie) on his journey to Carlisle. It was very difficult and he traveled most of the way there in poverty. By the time he arrived, he was not sure if he would be allowed to stay.

Page three had bits about Thanksgiving, husking corn, wagons, and encouraging students to leave their tribes to strike out on their own. It also explained that Mrs. Miller of Howellville, Misses H. & J. Morris of Philadelphia donated an overall sum of 81 books to the school library. Page four had the continuation of Atkin’s letter from page one, along with an original speech by Luke Phillips. Billey Conepacho (Seminole) also wrote a letter to Captain Pratt about his enjoyment of school.

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