The School News (Vol. 3, No. 4)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
September 1882
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On page one Ellis Kaque (Kiowa) returned home and wrote back to tell of the negative reception he received when he tried to convince his Indian friends to live as white men and only believe in the Christian God. This page also had a letter from Dave Cheyenne on his Sunday school excursion to the Zoological Garden and his first encounter with buckwheat. Page two also had letters from students gone home, as well as a thank you for those who helped the students get a piano in their assembly room. On page three there were two small stories about children understanding English, on about why a child had grey hair and the other about a little girl who claimed God taught her to speak English. Students sent three carloads of items they made to various agencies, including the Kiowa, the Pine Ridge, and the Rosebud agency. Page four had a piece from Julia Good Voice on why she choose to marry Iron Eagle Feather. It also had a letter from Harry Shirley (Caddo) to his father about how school is going and that he might return home in two years if he learns quickly.

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