The School News (Vol. 3, No. 11)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
April 1883
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The first page had a letter from an unnamed student to his Uncle explaining that the world is round and moves at 1041 miles per hour. Harry Raven (Arapahoe) also discussed in a speech how the Government will not always care for the Indians and differences between whites and Native Americans. On page two Charles Kihega (Iowa) questioned if the Indians should sing the American National Anthem when the line “Land of the noble free” contradicted the reality that Indians were held “on a reservation like cattle in a pen.”

Page three had the Items list, which included a note that photographs of Indian children and chiefs were available for sale, a visit by Rev. Mr. Miller of Bryn Mawr, H. North leaving for a farm, and a student seeing a deer. George Walker and Katie LaCroix both returned to their homes in the Dakota Territory. Two Sioux boys also returned home, although one, named Oliver, died on the journey. Page four included a letter from Eva Pickard (Wichita) in which she asked after her friends and described her job at the Wichita School. Two students explained what they would do if they had $615.

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