The Red Man (Vol. 8, No. 6)

February 1916
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The first article, pulled from The Baltimore American, discussed tribal organization and rites of passage as reflecting nature. In the following article "My Experience with Geronimo's Indians in Arizona", pulled from the Overland Monthly, G. W. Miles wrote about a number of encounters with Indians while on a prospecting trip in Arizona. Next appeared an article, first published in Medical World and written by R.I. Geare of the National Museum, which detailed diseases found among Indians in the Southwest and discussed treatments employed by these groups. The author gave special attention to the thaumaturgic nature of the treatments, and the practices of medicine-men, medicine-women, and shamans. Next, R. H. Adams told the story of the "Good Fifth Son", who at fought at Little Big Horn and numerous other battles. The final article, which first appeared in the Houghton Gazette (Michigan), covered the use of copper implements by Indians. The article included a brief history of copper and its use in tool making, followed by a list of copper tools found in the Great Lakes Region.

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