The Red Man (Vol. 4, No. 2)

Carlisle, PA
October 1911
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Doctor William E. Watt advocated for open air school work for Indian children, arguing that they receive a better education when in an open air schoolroom. Doctor Watt believed that cool, open air improved children’s focus and health; as opposed to hot, dead air used in school buildings. Another doctor, A. R. Allen wrote about the proper hospital management and training of Indian girls as nurses. He discussed the health precautions taken for students upon admittance to Carlisle, and the outing system, as well as methods on treatment for sick children at the school. Dr. Allen then moved towards the training of female students to become nurses and mentioned the successes of former students who had become nurses. The following article, written by Wilson L. Gill, the Supervisor at Large of Indian Schools, discussed ways to remedy bad civic conditions for Indian students. The final article was a personal story by Christina Gabriel about her grandmother, a Serrano Indian woman. In the editor’s comments, the annual Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian fair was mentioned, as well as upcoming novels written by Indians.

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