The Morning Star (Vol. 5, No. 4)

Carlisle, PA
October & November 1884
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Page one had a poem titled “Lady Yeardley’s Guest” by Margaret Preston, followed by a report of the commissioner of Indian Affairs, which continued onto page two, and then onto page three, where it ended. After the finish of the report, page three had articles titled “The Up-Thrust of Civilization”, “Don’t Wait for the Others”, and “The Big Head”. Page four had an announcement on the Morning Star increasing the size of it’s paper, as well as an article on what is and isn’t done while educating Indians. There was also an article on how Indians were declared ineligible for US citizenship under the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments. Page five had a piece on the benefits of subjecting Indians to the same laws as white men, as well as a pieces praising Nez Perce chief, Reubens, and a list of the School Items.

Page six had a piece from Fannie Skinner about the exile of Chief Joseph. There was also an article praising the Pueblo for how well they have taken to white mans ways and a few small letters on how tobacco has affected students personally. Page seven had a letter from General Orook to Mr. Herbert Welch, which filled a majority of the page, the last few lines not part of the letter talking about the Arapaho school adjourning early to allow the students to participate in a medicine dance. Page eight had Dr. Spinning's talk on Habits, which was accounted by Henry Kendall. Also on the page were letters to parents, praise for the students, Indians in white families, news from New Mexico, and a letter from a Sioux to his brother on the advancement he's made.

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