The Morning Star (Vol. 4, No. 5)

Carlisle, PA
December 1883
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Page one opened with an article titled “Strong Words for the Indians From Commissioner Price”, along with “A Plea for Civilized Indians”, “Two Pueblo Boys”, and “The Baby”. Page two had Captain Pratt’s account of his visit to the west. It also had comments from various chiefs on their opinion on Carlisle. Finishing up the page were comments on students by their families. Page three had “J.M. Haworth, Esq., Superintendent of United States Indian School”, which included statistics on finances for the schools. Page four had the continuation of the article from the previous page, which also continued onto page five. Page five also had comments from students on their opinion on the country farms, as well as a piece on Miss Alice M. Robertson. Page six had the school items which included things such as an advertisement for a telescope and the replacement physician.

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