The Morning Star (Vol. 4, No. 10)

Carlisle, PA
May 1884
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Page one began with a quick lesson on applied grammar, followed by “Secretary Teller’s views upon Indian Education and statistical information about the school, including student numbers, tribes attending and clothes in the sewing room. Page two had a call for more Indian schools to be made, as well as a an advertisement for $13,734 to permanently purchase a farm so they won’t have to rent land. Page three had the school items, which included praising the students for their good grammar, a 3D map made by the students, and a teacher trying to define ‘a great deal’. Also on the page was comments from the home-stay families of students on outings, praising their work ethic and how they do not wish to give their boys up. Page four had extracts from students’ letters home as well as a student reminding another to repay him, and a speech from by Van Horn.

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Cumberland County Historical Society