The Indian Helper (Vol. 5, No. 7)

Carlisle, PA
October 4, 1889
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The first page opened with a poem "Bear It in Mind” followed by the third installment of the series titled “How An Indian Girl Might Tell Her Own Story if She Had the Chance: All Founded on Actual Observations of the Man-on-the-band-stand’s Chief Clerk” which continued on the fourth page. Page two offered news from students who were home at their agencies or at other schools, namely Abe Sommers (Cheyenne), Louie Bayhalle [Bayhylle] (Pawnee), John Kewaygeshik (Ottawa), William Campbell (Chippewa) and the deaths of former students Seemeitse Reise (Pueblo) and Margaret Wilson. A report on the recitations and music from the weekly exhibition appeared, along with news that the girls’ dormitory remodel would be partitioned to include the Literary Society Club meetings. Page three featured many one-line blurbs that included building whitewashing and improvements, girls’ gymnastic news, reports of farm and garden work, the rescheduling of music lessons, new staffing, the make-up of the girls’ military companies, David Turkey’s fall during gymnastics resulting in broken bones, and the Invincible Literary Society’s proceedings. Page four was taken up with the installment of the story of the Pueblo girl from page one.

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