The Indian Helper (Vol. 5, No. 10)

Carlisle, PA
October 25, 1889
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The first page opened with a poem “Your Mission: Remarks Made at our last Sunday Evening's Service, by an Indian Boy, as Reported by E. Grinnell." followed by the sixth installment of the series titled “How An Indian Girl Might Tell Her Own Story if She Had the Chance: Founded on Actual Observations of the Man-on-the-band-stand’s Chief Clerk” (continued from the previous week). The fictitious story of a Pueblo student named Mollie after she returned to her home, continued on the fourth page. Page two featured bits about corrupt "Buffalo Bill" and other Wild West shows, Dr. Carlos Montezuma's (Apache) new position at Ft. Stevenson, North Dakota, what the man-on-the-band-stand saw from his perch in the middle of the campus, and how bad posture led to consumption. There was "A Letter From Miss Bessie" Patterson, former teacher who was reassigned to the Albuquerque Indian School and notices and endorsements for The Red Man, Carlisle Indian School's monthly newspaper.

Page three reported travels of various staff, news of Teachers' Quarter' renovations, school farm bounty and the Girls' Literary and Invincibles' news as well as the Standards' decision to organize a glee club. An abundance of corn was shucked at the lower farm and there was an exhibition highlighted by a mandolin recital - a musical instrument which the school had not heard before. The first snow fell and the pond was ready for ice skating. There was a Saturday teachers outing to Mt. Holly for chestnuts and Mrs. Wade visited to check on students from the Omaha Agency. Page four continued the story of Mollie and her reminiscences about school and Outing family life with her friend Annie, also a returned Carlisle student. The issue concluded with the weekly "Enigma."

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