The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 39)

Carlisle, PA
May 17, 1889
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The first page began with a poem titled “Listen,” reprinted from Harper’s Bazaar, followed by the publication of a letter received from Dolly Gould (Nez Perce) on her work at the Ft. Lapwai School under the title “Appreciation.” Felix Iron Eagle Feather’s (Sioux) letter from his Outing home was also included on the page. The second page’s news articles showed items about Rosa Dion (Sioux), a recent dust storm, Dennison Wheelock (Oneida) at the Y.M.C.A. convention, and letters from the Outing homes where Thomas Black Bear (Sioux) and Lawrence Smith (Winnebago) lived.

Page three featured among the many brief news briefs, bits that mentioned Dr. Norcross, visitors from England, Dr. Wing’s funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, garden and grounds preparations, electric lighting in the school rooms, a party in the girls’ reading room and a nostalgic request that the new gong be replaced by the old bugle for “Taps.” The fourth page opened with a piece showing examples for how to take opportunities, a bit from the Rural New Yorker about a chemical experiment, several advice articles, news that the discovery of skeletons in South Carolina revealed a race of very tall men and a “Hidden Names in Geography” puzzle, concluding with the weekly “Enigma.”

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