The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 31)

Carlisle, PA
March 22, 1889
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The first page began with a poem titled, “True Heroism,” followed by a fictional conversation among two Indian School students, Tom and Phil as reported by the Man-On-The-Band-Stand. In the moralizing story, continued on the fourth page, Phil sets a good example by keeping the Outing System rules, while Tom broke the rules and tainted the school's reputation in Bucks County. The story ends with Prof. Woodruff, a patron, complaining about the conduct of Carlisle Outing students, and Tom being convinced to try to be more responsible. Page two criticizes tobacco use, reported that Harvey White Shield (Cheyenne) was working at the Haskell Indian School to pay for his tuition at Kansas State University, revealed that Eugene Tahkapuer (Comanche) bested his public school mates in math grades on Outing in New England, and gave an account of the marriage of Nellie Londrosh (Winnebago) to John Nunn.

Page three reported small news items that included the start of baseball season, preparations of the grounds for the coming warm weather, a scolding admonishing students to speak proper English, and more. Page four continued Tom and Phil’s conversation and concluded with “Ten Cent Enigma,” that gave a prize of 10 cents to the first student to solve the puzzle.

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