The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 7)

Carlisle, PA
September 23, 1887
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Much of this issue of the newspaper was focused on the Outing Program, since many students were returning to the school from their country homes. The first page opened with the poem, "The Road to Wealth and Happiness," followed by an article entitled, "Is the Farming Which Our Boys Learn In the East of any Benefit to Them?," which compared East Coast and West Coast farming techniques, and continued on page four. Page two featured a report, entitled, "Philadelphia" that gave an account of the Carlisle Exhibit float in the Philadelphia Industrial Parade. There were also reports about students who were remaining in their Outing homes after the start of the semester, listings of students who returned to the school from country homes and a report about several students who left Carlisle for Outing homes where they would be attending public schools with white children. This page also included a letter reporting news of students who had returned to the Rosebud Sioux Agency.

The third page included news about continued improvements to buildings and news of staff and students. Page four reported more names of Outing students, a reprint from the Hampton School's newspaper, "Talks and Thoughts," a letter from Peter Powlas (Oneida) reporting about how former Carlisle students were faring on the Oneida, Stockbridge and Menominee reservations and lastly, an article entitled "Hidden things Our Boys and Girls Can Do Well When They Try."

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