The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 24)

Carlisle, PA
January 27, 1888
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The first page opened with a poem, "Dare," followed by a story, "Engines and Boys," that reported the arrival by train of the new fire engine called "Uncle Sam." Then came a piece entitled, "Be Neat," on the importance of being neat and orderly. It continued on page four. Page two reported the experience of the four girls who visited the White House in Washington, D.C. during the previous week; and a meeting of the "PI" Society to encourage the Haskell Indian School to start their own "PI" Society. There was also a report of the Indian Union Debating Society's argument on the question whether railroads should run through the reservations. The third page included news that mice were found in the small boys' quarters, news of improvements to buildings and news that Misses Burgess and Ely left for a trip to Colorado. Page four featured a piece called, "Don't Jerk Your Horse," on how to properly drive a horse or mule, reprinted from "The Bird Call."

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