The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 10)

Carlisle, PA
October 14, 1887
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The first page began with the poem, "Sermon in Rhyme," followed by Carlos Montezuma's "An Apache" in which he wrote from the Chicago Medical College telling his story of being kidnapped and raised in the white world. His account continued on page four. Page two included the account of the death of student Bruce Hayman (Pawnee) who died visiting a friend in Columbia County, and news that the new tin roof almost blew off the new gymnasium. Page three featured many news items, including a notice that nobody could translate a letter from one of the Sioux girls' mother, the consequences of cruelty to the school's mule, and a report of a marriage between two former Arapaho students, Lena Blackbear and Arnold Woolworth.  Page four completed the Montezuma story followed by an article, "Perseverance."

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