The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 14)

Carlisle, PA
November 13, 1885
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The first page opened with a poem titled "Found in the Path," followed by an article called "Are You His Equal?" that described an incident in which the Man-on-the-Band-Stand criticized a Carlisle student's letter home because it complained about having to work with a man with darker skin. There were a few more small news items on the page. Page two was filled with blurbs that included home news from Laguna Pueblo and the Grant Debating Club's question, "Resolved, That schools in the East are better for Indians than school on reservations."

The third page opened with ten news observations under the title "What I Hear and See," that included the promise that advanced girls would be forming a Literary Society. There were also articles about hairstyles, Yamie Leeds' (Pueblo) knitting skills and a report of the arrival of sixteen students from Oneida, Wisconsin. On that page, there was a piece titled "The Prizes" that gave the names of students winning best article prizes, a criticism of girls' behavior at chapel, and more. A short paragraph encouraged a boy whose mother was writing to encourage him to come home to instead stay at the school and learn how to earn enough money so that he could eventually support his mother. The fourth page began with a word game, "Who Can Guess Me?" followed by a report that related George Fire Thunder's (Sioux) dream of buying a farm and ended with news of students who had returned home, titled "From Rosebud Agency."

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