Frederick Douglass Speech, "Self-Made Men," 1893

Frederick Douglass
Carlisle, PA
July 1893


Pamphlet printed by the school's print shop of the speech given by Frederick Douglass at the school on April 6, 1893. The Indian Helper for July 21, 1893 announced that it was available at the price of ten cents. 

Douglass' speech, "Self-Made Men," was a famous one, first delivered by him in 1859. This printed version summarizes some introductory remarks made by Douglass at the school. The article about his speech in The Indian Helper (April 14, 1893) quotes him as saying, "Usually I am Negro, but to-night I am Indian out and out."

Time Period
Frederick Douglass Papers: Speech, Article, and Book File, 1846 to 1894; Speeches and Articles by Douglass, 1846 to 1894 (250)