Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 2, No. 8)

Carlisle, PA
March 1882
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Page one has a large picture of Carlisle students in their school uniforms for Sunday School, as well as an extract from a letter written by Bishop Hare. Page two has “The Inspiration of the Work”, which writes about how white people have rescued Indians and helped them to not be lazy. There was also the article “Our Trade Boys” about the 185 school boys learning trades and white men’s ways. There was also a small bit about a Juvenile Missionary Society in Asiatic, Turkey, which they wanted to send American Missionaries to. Page five had an article continued from page four which seemed to be about Indian Chief’s learning to obey the white people. Page Six opened with “Philadelphia and the Carlisle Indian School” which talked about the second annual Exhibition of Progress. Several fathers also send letters to their children, such as the first chief of the Ponca, White Eagle to his son Frank, telling him that his family is well and to study hard.

Note: Pages 3 and 4 are missing from this issue

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