Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 2, No. 5)

Carlisle, PA
December 1881
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Page one had two articles, the first titled “The Pawnees” discussed the apparent lack of progress the Pawnee have shown in becoming civilized. The second, titled “A Glimpse of School Life,” described the daily lives of students at one of Bishop Hare’s Dakota Mission Schools. Page two had “Backward Glances”, which was about Indians not returning to their native ways. Other articles included  “Queries: Our Hopes and Fears”, which discussed concerns that some people had with educating Indians, and an interview with General Ord in which he expressed his faith that Indians would keep to their teachings.

Page three started with the School Notes section, which had notes on Dr. J. V. Landerdale's visit, a lecture about Temptation, and two new members who joined the school band. This page also included the translation of a Sioux letter from six chiefs on the Sisseton Reservation to federal authorities in Washington regarding their concerns over gaining secure titles to their property. Page four continued the second article from page one as well as four shorter articles, titled “Our Bank Accounts”, School Savings Bank”, Education Among the Indians”, "And Letter from the small boys”

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