White Grass

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Piegan Chiefs (Blackfoot Confederacy) [version 1], 1892

Studio portrait of eight Piegan chiefs. 

The January 8, 1892 issue of the  Indian Helper (vol. 7 no. 17) reports that these chiefs had visited the school the previous week.

The Cumberland County Historical Society has six copies of this image. One of those copies identifies the chiefs as Running Crane, Little…

Photographic Print, B&W
Cumberland County Historical Society
Piegan Chiefs (Blackfoot Confederacy) [version 2], 1892

The printed note on the reverse side reads: PIEGAN CHIEFS (BLACKFOOT CONFEDERACY) VISITING CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL (ca. 1891).

Front Seated Left - Running Crane, Chief of Lone Eaters.
Front Seated Center - Little Dog, Chief of the Black Patched Moccasins Bands.
Seated Center Left - White Grass.

Photographic Print, B&W
Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections