Big Roads

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Group including William Crazy Bull, Chief Little Wound, and Chief Big Roads, c. 1891

Studio portrait of William Crazy Bull (seated in school uniform) and Chief Little Wound (seated left), Chief Big Roads, an unidentified man (probably another visiting chief), and an unidentified young man (probably a student). 

Format: Glass Plate Negative
Repository: National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Noted Indians (Seventeen Sioux chiefs), 1891

Cameo photographs of seventeen Sioux chiefs, all of whom presumably had visited the school and had their portraits taken by John N. Choate. The grouping is titled "Noted Indians" and has a copyright date of 1891. Each chief is identified by a white tag applied to his lapel. They are identified...

Format: Photographic Print, B&W
Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
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