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Page 1, Register of Visitors (1909-1917)

The Register of Visitors lists individuals who visited the school between 1909 and 1917. Entries on pages 1 through 390 are arranged chronologically and include the visitor's signature, their hometown, and the date of their visit. Those entries on pages 391 through 501 are not in chronological order and many are missing a date and/or an address. Pages without content were not photographed. This register is located at the National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 75, Series 1341.

Several loose documents were found in this volume, including an Attendance report from January 1917 that indicates 688 students were enrolled. (Of those 688 students, 553 were at the school in Carlisle while 131 students were on Outings and four were Absent on Leave.) Other documents include a 1916 Christmas dinner menu.

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