The School News (Vol. 3, No. 5)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
October 1882
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Page one had Frank D. Aveline wrote on visiting Girard College where he and other Carlisle students saw the Girard students do their drills, toured the founder’s house, and attended chapel. A Ponca chief also wrote a letter to his son Frank Eagle who was attending school at Carlisle. Page two mentioned the bi-centennial of William Penn making a treaty with the Indians, as well as a letter from Nez Perce. She talked of her new home at a farm in the country where now works. It was very pretty and she had no wish to leave. Page three had updates about members of the school community, such as the nurse leaving and former student Joe Gunn (Ponca) dying. The page also described a field trip to Philadelphia from the point of view of Josie Vetter (Iowa). Page four opened with a continuation of a letter from White Eagle to his son which started on the first page. There was also a description from Celia Pikard (Wichita) about a trip lead by Captain Pratt to visit an old woman for her Birthday.

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