The School News (Vol. 3, No. 12)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
May 1883
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Page one reprinted Van Horn's letter to friend, in which he described his train ride into Trenton, New Jersey, and a drunken old man who disturbed him on the ride.  Howard Chawhip also retold a story of an old drunkard who only went to church to hear the singing, but later became a good man after a fly caused him to uncover his ears during a sermon. Page two had Charles Kihega (Iowa) explaining that each Indian but first help themselves before they can help their tribes at large. The report of the Examination, written by Elkanan C. Dawson (Cheyenne).

Page thee had the Items list, which included notes on a visit by Major Haworth, the Inspector of all Indian Schools, and Captain Pratt's request for $20,000,000 from the Government to educate every Indian in America. Another article described a visit by Miss A. C. Fletcher, Scientist, and Frank LaFleche (Omaha), on their way to the Omaha agency in Nebraska. Page four had articles titled "A Lesson From A  Bear" by Rachel Cheote and article titled “Some of the Things our Girls do in the Country” by Sarah Crowell. Some of those things include feeding chickens, washing dishes and clothes, cooking, and going to the Market.

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