The Morning Star (Vol. 5, No. 5)

Carlisle, PA
December 1884
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Page one started with a poem titled “The Indian’s Plea” by A.F.W., followed by a report on an organization made in 1822 to help get better rights for Indians. Included is their constitution and a list of the officers. This continued onto page two where the officer’s list was. Then there was an article on Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, which continued onto page three. After the treaty article page three had a letter from a student employed at the Genos, Nebraska Indian School. Page four had an article arguing to give land to Indians in Severity, and an article titled “Whites, Indiana Manual Labor Institute”. Page five had the list of School items, which included winter prep, new dining halls, and a visit from Cheyenne and Arapaho chiefs and their wives. Page six had an article on a “Happy Carlisle Indian Boy,” named Jack and a girl he arrived with named Kesetta. Jack also wrote on his journey to the school and how he felt. There was also a piece speculating why Indians go to war and bits from letters from students to their parents. Page seven had the “true” story of Pocahontas as well as an article on one of the largest tribes, the Sioux. Page eight had extracts from reports from October which included comments on student’s work. There was also sentences from students on farms, and Major-General John Pope’s report on the Indians in California and Nevada.

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