The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 34)

Carlisle, PA
April 12, 1889
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The first page began with a poem titled, “Dr. Nature’s Prescription,” followed by “How One of the Printer Boys Came Out Ahead,” which described how a printer, against the advice of his instructor, was able to repair faulty equipment using his own problem solving technique. This was followed by a short blurb warning against smoking. Page two opened with “Important,” a notice of the dangers of prematurely changing out winter clothes for spring clothing. Also included were articles that gave kudos to the Indian Helper from subscribers, including one from Edward Marsden (former Alaskan student) and students of the Sitka Alaska Indian School; an offer of a set of before and after Alaskan student photographs as a premium for new subscriptions; school farm news; Charles Wheelock’s (Oneida) return to his home to farm in Wisconsin; and a report that evaluated boys’ and girls’ marching abilities as observed by the Man-on-the-band-stand.

Page three featured many brief news items about visitors, spring cleaning, a Pueblo contrast photo offered for new Indian Helper subscriptions, a debate on women’s suffrage by the Invincible’s, Willie Morgan’s (Pawnee) injury from Indian club exercises, and a report of a north mountain fire visible from the school. Page four opened with examples of funny things children say titled “Some Funny Definitions,” followed by several articles that extolled the value of “reputation,” and “The Importance of Little Things.” The issue concluded with the “Enigma.”

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