The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 50)

Carlisle, PA
July 27, 1888
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The first page opened with the death notice for Katie Kinshone, one of the Apache babies. It was followed by a poem by Henry Sargent Blake called “Why Come They?” The next item was an article, “No Tobacco in Other Schools,” about the evils of tobacco use and the last piece on the page was an excerpt from an Oneida boy’s outing letter called “Well Satisfied.” Page two contained notices from letters from students who had returned to their home communities as well as a detailed article about life at camp in the mountains written by “Watch Dog.” There was also a notice of the arrival of Mr. Woodruff, the new Principal of the Educational Department, and a letter from Anna Thomas (Pueblo) from her outing at the beach in Atlantic City. Page three featured many one-sentence reports about staff, students and visitors that included progress blasting stone for the new school building, a planned picnic at the cave, a girl’s discomfort at being stared at while on outing at the seashore, the funeral of Katie Kinshone and the solar eclipse. The fourth page opened with “A Camp Letter from Charles Dagnette,” followed by a letter from Laguna Pueblo written by Ruth Kisero.

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