The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 43)

Carlisle, PA
June 8, 1888
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The first page opened with the poem, "What a Barrel of Whiskey Contains,” followed by an article titled “Welcome!” that reprinted Kish Hawkins’ (Cheyenne) address to a visiting group of Wilson College women. In the talk he described the Outing Program, industrial work, academic work and women’s suffrage. The final article on the page was “How to Learn to Speak Plainly,” that exemplified the obstacle of overcoming stuttering as an example for improved English speaking among students. Page two reported the wedding of former Carlisle and Martinsburg School students Louie Cornelius and Jones Schanandoah (both Oneida) in Wisconsin. At the Democratic Convention in St. Louis, Mr. Cleveland and Mr. Thurman were nominated as President and Vice-President. There was a report of returned students to Pine Ridge, fishing on campus, a group of girls’ visit to Millersville Normal School, forty-three girls’ visit to the Noble farm and a reminder for how to order photos of the Apache babies. The third page was taken up with one-sentence news items about students and staff, mostly involving Outing information, visitors and excursions. Page four included an article, “Mistakes of the Indian Boys and Girls.” 

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