The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 21)

Carlisle, PA
January 6, 1888
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The first page opened with a poem, "What Time Is It?" followed by the story of Indian women whose harvested cache of vegetables had been stolen. The story was titled, "How Some Indians Were Made to Suffer by Their Enemies: A True Story by a Dear, Kind Lady Who Lived For Many Years Among Them." It was signed by A-TE-KA, aka "Aunt Martha," as told by "Grandma," and continued on the fourth page. Page two included references to new year resolutions, new subscribers, letters from students, visitors, and a report about the new principal, Miss E.L. Fisher. The third page reported news about the Apache babies being photographed, tobogganing, Christmas gifts including stockings filled with dolls, a Christmas menu account and a blurb reporting that the Man-on-the-Band-Stand likes girls' hair "done up" rather than braided. Page four concluded page one's story.

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