The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 15)

Carlisle, PA
November 18, 1887
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The first page opened with the poem, "Work and Play," followed by a reprint of Dennison Wheelock's first prize essay entitled, "Is It Right for the Government to Stop the Teaching of Indian Languages in Reservation Schools," arguing for the affirmative. The second page featured news about students who returned home after completing their terms, Carlisle's Second Presbyterian Church's support for (Kiowa) Etahdleuh Doanmoe's missionary work, the Indian Union Debating Club resolved to get more library books, a report about a presentation of a trip around the world, and more.  

Among the third page news stories were examples of improvements to the school buildings and grounds; the arrival of new Wyandotte and Peoria students and a story about how Mr. Foulke got stranded in town. Page four reprinted a letter from (Pawnee) Thomas Kester and featured a piece about the evils of alcoholism called "The Indian Chieftain."

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