The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 45)

Carlisle, PA
June 17, 1887
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This issue opened with a poem titled “A CLUSTER OF NEVERS,” from Selected, followed by a fictionalized conversation between two boys traveling to their homes in the west from Carlisle titled “TWO BOYS TALK IN THE CARS ON THEIR WAY HOME: WHAT THEY MAY HAVE SAID.” In the conversation, “Ira” and “Bart” muse about their appreciation of traveling by train and they speculate about finding work when they get home. Page two reported bad behavior by some Dickinson College students, listed the names of dozens of students who returned to their home agencies, and critiqued elements of letters written by Henry North (Arapaho) and Frank Engler (Cheyenne) from their Oklahoma homes and a letter from Julia Given (Kiowa) who was on Outing in Massachusetts.

Page three offered many brief items that included news of students at their country homes; visitors to the school, including a visit by Bertha and Madge Nason’s (Chippewa) father; and more work on the boys’ school building. Reports about James McCloskey (Sioux) who was overcome by gas in his hotel room during the trip home, school health statistics, a flooded building, and Mason Pratt’s return from Lehigh University were included. Page four continued the conversation begun on page one, and the QUESTION BOX further elaborated on the question from the previous week about who becomes “chief.” The last article on the page was titled “Stand Up for the Chinese.”

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