The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 42)

Carlisle, PA
May 27, 1887
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The first page opened with the poem "Take Care" followed by "A Visitor at Carlisle" which provided the opportunity to present arguments for Indian education away from the reservations. It continued on page four. Page two opened with an account of a presentation by "Dr. Harmon and Col. Thomas," a Dickinson College professor and his former student who worked for the Indian Bureau. Also featured was a letter from former student Henry North titled "From a Carlisle Printer who went to His Home at Arapaho Agency, Indian Territory Last Summer" that gave news about students at his agency. There was also a piece called "Good News from Nellie Londrosh" (Winnebago), who was serving as head teacher at the Winnebago Agency school. Also included was a notice of the death of Jane Lumpfoot (Cheyenne) buried in the Indian cemetery at Carlisle.

Page three included brief notices about staff and students, improvements to buildings, and visitors. Also reported was the death of Lorenzo Bonito (Apache) buried in the Indian Cemetery. Page four’s Question Box asked, “Is it an Indian custom to mount a horse from the off side?”

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