Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 2, No. 2)

Carlisle, PA
September 1881
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Page one opened with a poem by E.G.P. and the story of the Great Turtle, which was based on the arrival of a Spanish Ship. There was also a piece on the trouble that Billy Cornipachio faced, which included the opposition of his people to his education. Page two had a piece about visiting chiefs and on three former prisoners from Fort Marion in Florida. The three "Florida Boys" were Oaker-hater (Cheyenne), Zotom (Kiowa), and Ta-a-way-ite (Comanche). 

Page three had the School Notes section, which included short articles on boys gathering walnuts, students depositing money in the bank, and visiting chiefs. "Indian Schools" mentioned Capt. M. C. Wilkinson, Superintendent of the Indian School at Forrest Grove, and his claim that there had been no student deaths at that institution. Also on the page was a report on the interaction of Indians and settlers in the West. Page four had small descriptions of various students, including Henry Kratz, F. Dye, Arthur B. Smith, Stephen Betz, Jr, Mary Ann Davis, M. E. Longshore, G.W. Miller, Abram R. Wail, and J.E. Wiley. Letters from students' parents were also included.

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