Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 2, No. 1)

Carlisle, PA
August 1881
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Page one opened with Lapi Oaye talking about the school system in America and how it is beneficial to Indian and while children alike. Page two had a bit on the humor of incorrectly spelled names, followed by an Article written by E.G.P. on increasing the time Indians spend in both office and school. Also on the page is a piece on an essay competition about “The Indian Question,” one essay writing on the importance of language.

Page three had the School notes, including visitors, a magic show, and work on a new hospital. Page three also had a bit on the newest picture “Our Boys and Girls,” a collection of 35 vignettes of students. There was also an article on how the school girls spend their day to day lives. Page four talked about the two original Indian schools, The Carlisle Indian Industrial School being the first. Spotted Tail, a Sioux Chief from the Pine Ridge Agency in Dakota was reported dead.

Page four had a picture of the school bakery as well as an article that seems to be advising against the students going back to their families as it would be like “a boy taken from the best of our public schools and thrown into the midst of hundreds of friends and relatives who are utterly ignorant of what he has been studying and constitutionally opposed to most that he has been learning.” Page Six had an arc on the general assembly at Buffalo along with two letters to R.H. Pratt from Frank T. Twist and Cook, a Sioux Indian

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