Zeigler, George

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George Hogan Student Information Card
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Student information card of George Hogan, a member of the Crow Nation, who entered the school on February 21, 1898, graduated in 1904, and departed on March 2, 1904. The file indicates that one of Hogan's outings was to Medico-Chirugical Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In school documentation George Hogan is also known as Georgeā€¦

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P&R Railway Returns Letter Concerning Lack of Blank Certificate
April 22, 1905 - April 25, 1905

George Zeigler, Comptroller of the Philadelphia & Reading Railway Company, returns a letter to the Office of Indian Affairs regarding the lack of a blank to certify the rates charged were current and the lowest charged to the public for the same service.

National Archives and Records Administration