Pinquodle, Carl

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Carl Pinquodle (Red Turkey) Student Information Card
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Student information card of Carl Pinquodle, a member of the Kiowa Nation, who entered the school on April 3, 1880 and departed on January 31, 1883.

In school documentation Carl Pinquodle is also known as Red Turkey and Pinquodle.

Note: Although this card has "sick-died" in the reason for departure, there are no records indicating…

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Copy of Descriptive Statement of Pupils from the Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Agency, 1880
April 1, 1880 - June 21, 1883

Richard Henry Pratt provides a copy of the Description of Party brought to the Carlisle Indian School by A. J. Standing on April 1, 1880.

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