View of the Campus, #3, c. 1895

The handwritten label on the slide reads: Campus. Evening. Printed on the label is the manufacturer of the slide C. T. Milligan, 728 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA.

The photograph was taken looking south. Moving from left to right the buildings visible are: the Superintendent's Quarters, the Administration Building, the Guard House, the Academic Building, and the back of the Girls' Quarters. Male students are visible in the foreground where a tennis court is laid out, and females students can be seen in the background. 

This image appears in United States Indian School Carlisle, Penna (Carlisle, PA: The School, [1895?]), p. 6. 

A print of this image credited to photographer John H. Andrews is in Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections. However, it is possible that the image was originally taken by student photographer John Leslie, who is credited with many of the images in the pamphlet.  

Time Period
Campus Spaces
John Leslie (?), Carlisle, PA