Union Reserve Baseball Team [version 1], c.1891

Portrait of a baseball team with "Indians" on the front of their uniforms, with white coach or teacher in center.

The handwritten caption for the Cumberland County Historical Society version of this images identifies them as the Union Reserve baseball team. The sitters are identified in that image as: back row, Frank Everett and Charles Damon; middle row, Josiah Powlas, Jonas Place, Mr. Goodyear, Levi St. Cyr, and Joseph Harris; front row, Harry Hutchinson, Harry Kohpay, Morgan Toprock, and Henry Froman. Note there are no records for a student named Henry Froman, therefore we believe this is William Froman. 

The Cumberland County Historical Society relied upon Josiah Powlas for the dating of this photograph as c.1891. Two of the sitters left the school in July 1891, so that date is possible.  However, the National Anthropological Archives version of the image identified a date of 1892.   

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NAA_73856; Photo Lot 81-12 06862900
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA