Twelve Navajo students (pose 2) [version 1], 1882

Portrait of eleven male students and one female student posed in front of the bandstand on the school grounds. Richard Henry Pratt is sitting on the bandstand, behind the group.

The female student, Antoinette Williams, had arrived on December 5, 1881. The male students are a group of male Navajo students who arrived on October 21, 1882. They are: front row, seated, left to right - George Williams, Stailey Norcross, Antoinette Williams, Charles Damon; standing, back row, left to right - Tom Torlino, Manuelito Chiquito, Manuelito Choni, Charlie, John Bitzclay, Francisco, Saahtlie (George Watchman), Benjamin Damon.

There is another version of this photograph (pose 1) in which Tom Torlino, who is standing on the far left here, is seated on the ground at the far left. 

Time Period
NAA_73358; Photo Lot 81-12 06813200
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA