Eleven Chiricahua Apaches Students [version 1], c.1887

Studio portrait of eight male students and three female students, all wearing school uniforms. 

These have been identified as the Chiricahua Apache students who arrived at Carlisle from Fort Marion, Florida, November 4th, 1886, taken at an unknown later date.

A researcher has identified them as: back row, left to right, Hugh Chee, Frederick Skahsejah (Eskelsejah), Clement Seanilzay, Samson Noran; front row, left to right, Ernest Hogee, Humphrey Eschavzey, Margaret Yates (Standing), Beatrice Kaihtel (known at the school as Beatrice Morton), Jeanette Pagostetahn (known at the school as Janette Woods), Bishop Eatennah, Basil Ekarden. 

Time Period
NAA_74352; Photo Lot 81-12 06912300
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA