Carlisle Indian School Student Government

The headline reads: Carlisle Indians Form Remarkable Student Government

The caption reads: Top, to left, Gustave Welch, president of school nation; right, school city shown electing its officers, with no chance for ballot-box stuffing; second row, left school supreme court, left to right, William Garlow, Nan Saunooke, Cora Bizette,, Edison Mt. Pleasant; right, Indian boys elected to office, left to right, Abram Colonhaski, secretary of war; Clifford Taylor, lieutenant governor senior State; William Garlow, supreme court justice; Alex. Arcasa, secretary of agriculture; Sylvester Long, vice president; Gustave Welch, president; Edison Mt. Pleasant, supreme court justice. Bottom, Bizette, supreme court justice; Anna Hauser, secretary of the treasury, and Agnes Waite, secretary of state.

Time Period
RG 75, Series 1327, box 133, folder 5234