Zepheniah Simons Congressional Testimony, 1914

February 6, 1914

A typed transcript of Zepheniah Simons' testimony before the Joint Commission to Investigate Indian Affairs. At the time Simons had just begun a job as caretaker of the athletics quarters (after attending the school as a student).

While Simons does express disappointment at the relaxed discipline at Carlisle, most of his testimony concerns whether he should be testifying in the first place. While he was a student he participated in the committee meeting that students held to select those who would testify, but since then he had begun working as an employee. He no longer feels it is right for him to testify. Other discussion happens as to Inspector Linnen's role in student testimony as well.

In the published form of this testimony Simons' testimony begins on page 1011.

Note: In this testimony Simons' name is spelled Zepaniah Simons.


Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #10144-1914-Carlisle-154
first page of typed trancript of the testimony