Suggestion to Build an Indian School in Nebraska

March 16, 1880 - March 22, 1880

Mattie G. Reynolds writes to Richard Henry Pratt asking for a position at the Carlisle Indian School in sewing or as a sewing teacher or assistant matron. Reynolds, who formerly worked with the Pawnees in a variety of roles, additionally describes a large building that was formerly used as a manual labor school for the Pawnees. Reynolds believes it could be converted to an Indian school. Pratt forwards Reynolds' letter to the Commissioner and relays a suggestion from Marianna Burgess, a teacher at Carlisle familiar with the building Reynold describes, that $500 would be enough to repair and convert the building. Burgess believes it could accommodate 80 students and would make a great boys or girls school for Indians in Nebraska.

Note: This item was copied from U.S. National Archives microfilm reels (M234), which were filmed from the original documents found in Record Group 75, Entry 79, "Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-80."

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RG 75, M234, roll 485, frames 859-865
Suggestion to Build an Indian School in Nebraska