Report on the Hampton Institute and the Carlisle Indian School

April 28, 1886 - January 11, 1888

T. S. Childs makes a report to the Office of Indian Affairs on Carlisle Indian School and the Indian Training School at the Hampton Institute. Childs report was prompted by complaints made against the Hampton Institute related to the health and discipline of students. Childs report focuses mostly on Hampton while examining Carlisle in order to provide additional information. Childs reports on the health of students, the food and diet, the climate, education, and other factors at both institutions.

Childs provides detailed reports on the diet of Carlisle students, causes of student deaths over the years, health of students over time, and the expense of educating students at Carlisle.

Childs ends his report by arguing that the education of Indian students should be ended at Hampton due to the better results at a lower expense of the Carlisle Indian School.

Richard Henry Pratt includes a report on total pupils and deaths over the course of the school's history. An additional report provides the students diet over the course of a week while another report provides the diet of those in the hospital.


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RG 75, Entry 91, box 440, 1888-#1014
Report on the Hampton Institute and the Carlisle Indian School