Recommended Changes to School Policies and Staff

March 8, 1915 - May 11, 1915

These materials include numerous suggestions from Oscar Hiram Lipps and Dennison Wheelock regarding changes that should be made to policy and staff at the Carlisle Indian School. Lipps' suggestions focus on disciplinary measures, the end of preferential treatment for athletes, and staff changes. Lipps also requests that a superintendent for Carlisle be named soon, preferring it not to be him. Furthermore, Lipps reports on the resignation of Frederick W. Griffiths to become Superintendent of the Masonic Home for the States of Washington, and uses his resignation to discuss lingering policy issues at Carlisle. 

Lipps is also consulted by Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells regarding recommendations to policy changes made by school alum Dennison Wheelock. Lipps compares Wheelock's suggestions to policies in force under General Richard Henry Pratt, and cautions against the well-meaning suggestions of school supporters and alumni.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #40444-1915-Carlisle-150
Recommended Changes to School Policies and Staff