Philadelphia Art Director's Thoughts on Carlisle Student Artwork

June 13 - August 9, 1910

Robert G. Valentine compliments Howard Fremont Stratton, Director of the Art Department at the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art of the Pennsylvania Museum, for his article published in The Red Man. Stratton thanks Valentine for the kind words about his article, which was about "Indian education in art," and discusses the possibility of visiting Valentine in Washington, D. C.

Stratton sends another letter to Valentine, and a typed transcription is attached. In the letter, Stratton outlines some of his beliefs. He states that he is against "trying to make 'white men' out of the red men" and that he has found that Indians share their most interesting thoughts when discussing "natural objects." Stratton also thinks that Carlisle students' artwork is "far from what it ought to be, because it is made to supply a cheap demand," which he attributes to "the white man's practice." He believes that if the students produced artwork strictly for the value of art, instead of to sell it, the art would be of a much higher quality.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #39597-1910-Carlisle-810
Philadelphia Art Director's Thoughts on Carlisle Student Artwork